The object of the game is to place disc shaped stones as close to the

bull’s eye on the target. You can propel the stones along the floor by

hand, or by specially designed pusher or by using a ramp if sitting down

to play. The game can be played in singles, in pairs or by a team of four.

One team will have red stones and the other blue. Various strategies are

used to win each ‘end’ and the score is cumulative. The game is played

on a area the size of a badminton court. This has quickly become a

popular sport and now disabled people can play with or against

able-bodied people on a equal level. Blind Life Members were invited

to a demonstration event and got the bug.

They received funding for the equipment necessary and it has taken off from there. In 2008 Blind Life in Durham joined GBKA (Great Britain Kurling Association). Every year the GBKA hold competitions which are open to all member groups. As a member, Blind Life in Durham attends and have been fairly successful over the years.


St Pauls Centre, St. Pauls Gardens, Spennymoor DL16 7LS, . Saturdays from 1.30pm – 3.30pm

Wolsingham Community Sports Hall, DL13 3DN. Sundays 2.00 - 4.00pm  or Wednesday  6.45pm– 8.45pm




Sundays until end April

20 January 2018

  14 January 2018

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  3 February
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  3 March
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31 March
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   then Wednesday Evenings

   6.45pm - 8.45pm

12 May
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26 May - Cancelled
  23 May 
  9 June

    6 June - Blind Awareness Event

   6pm - 9pm

 23 June
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  15 August - Cancelled
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then Sunday Afternoon

2.00 - 4.00pm

13 October

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27 October
  21 October - In house competition
  1pm - 4pm

10 November  
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24 November
  18 November

    2 December

  16 December



Our annual Blind Awareness New Age Kurling Competition took place on 

Wednesday 6 June 2018 and was sponsored by Specsavers Bishop Auckland.  There were 8 teams entered and the prizes were presented by the Chair of The 3 Towns Area Action Partnership, Eddie Tomlinson.  The teams were: Alcocops; CA Cast; CA Cast Offs; Friends Reunited; Police; Real McCoys; Wolsingham Primary School; and Youth Forum.  It was really close this year, the winners were the Real McCoys and runners up were CA Cast Offs.  They both had 8 points but the Real McCoys won by having won more games.


We had another good year for the Blind Life Awareness Competition with eight teams

entering.  They were: Blind Life 'Real McCoys'; C A Group; Barclays (Teams 1 and 2)

​Wolsingham Primary School; TSB; Police; and LEAPs.

​The Winners this year were Barclays (Team 2) and the runners up were the team from

​LEAPs.  Both teams were presented their trophies and medals by

​The County Durham Lord Lieutenant, Sue Snowden.  Sue chatted with several of the

players and was impressed by what the ​charity does for its members.

​The amount raised on the night was £440 and Guess Teddy's Birthday raised £38.


The Blind Life Awareness Competition, sponsored by Specsavers in 

Bishop Auckand, was another really good year.  Six teams took part; 

2 from Barclays;1 Durham Police;  I from Thorn's; 1 from LEAPS;

and 1 from Blind Life in Durham.  The Real McCoy's (Blind Life)

won again with the team comprising of Julie Fox, Emma Gilfoyle,

Elsie Snowdon and David Stephenson. The LEAPS team were

runner's up and the best blindfold was won by a lady  from Thorn's.

 £343 was raised on the night and £100 was donated by

North Star Housing and Gregg's in Crook provided some of the buffet.  An employee

from Barclays hopes to double the £443 with their Employee £ for £ scheme.


This year (2015) the Blind Life team the ‘Real McCoys’ once again took 

on 7 other teams in the competition from TSB Crook,  Barclays, Police,

Bishop FM, 2 teams from the 3 Towns Area Action Partnership and Specsavers who

sponsored the event.   

The ‘Real McCoys’ saw off their competitors once again in this year’s competition.

Councillor Tomlinson presented the trophy to the team which will have its name

added once again, each team member also received a winners medal - 

The runners up received silver medals which were collected by 

Sandy Denney and Helen Pinkney from the 3 Towns AAP.

 A highly entertaining night was had by all, over £500 was raised on the night as

well as the blind awareness of  competitors due to them having to wear blindfolds.


Once a year, Blind Life holds a fundraising Blind Awareness New Age Kurling  

competition.  This year  (2014) it was sponsored by Specsavers, Bishop Auckland.

Various teams who do not have a sight impairment, took part and wore

blindfolds.  The teams were, The Real McCoys, Barclays, Durham

Constabulary, Jack Drum Arts and LEAPS.   It was a good night and

everyone enjoyed themselves.  A prize for best blindfold was won by

Paddy Burton from Jack Drum Arts and the winners of the competition were

"The Real McCoys" from Blind Life.  A total of £355 was raised.