The Boccia equipment was purchased with funding from the 3 Towns Action Area Partnership.  

Boccia is a little bit like playing French Boules but without the sand and heavyness of the balls.  It is also a Para-Olympic sport and can be played by anyone.

If playing singles, each player gets six balls, either blue or red.  If playing pairs, then it is six balls between the two and so on.  And then there's the jack, which is white.  Someone throws the jack and it can land short, medium or long.  The aim is to try and get your ball as close to the jack as possible.  So then each player takes a turn throwing one of their balls and the one closer to the jack currently leads and their opponent then throws again and again until they either run out of balls or get theirs closer to the jack.  If they run out of balls, then you have an opportunity to throw your remaining five balls to see if you can get any more points, but it is a risk you take because you can end up knocking the jack away from your colour and towards your opponent!!

It is a lot easier to play than describe and below are a few photo's and a video to give a taste of what is described.  The dates we are playing this year are below.

We play at Stanley Crook Village Hall, Stanley Crook, Crook, once a month.

Wednesday Evenings

7.00 - 9.00pm

  16 February 2022
  16 March
  13 April
  11 May
    8 June
    6 July
    3 August
  31 August
  28 September
  26 October
  23 November
  21 December